Not only through print media.
Not only through digital media.
Our goal is to deliver the joy of gaming
through any means possible.
That’s the Gzbrain promise.

  • MediaMedia

    We are passionate
    about giving gamers
    the best gaming information
    and news,
    both in print and web media.
    “Famitsu” and “B's-LOG”
    are just
    some of the brand that
    we have.

  • EsportsEsports

    We are aggressively
    developing our
    Esports division and creating
    a new business model.
    This includes managing a professional
    gaming team and planning/production
    of game events.



Kenichiro Hori

The world is connected through games.
Gzbrain is a company which conveys the joy of gaming.
Currently, we are focusing on two industries:
media and Esports.

By using the strong brand awareness of publications/websites like
“Famitsu” and “B’s-LOG,” we plan to create even better content that
goes beyond the current expectations for media.

Currently, Esports market is continuing to grow rapidly. In order to
become a leading company in the Esports industry, we will create
a brand new business model which has not been used in Japan before.

Through collaboration between these two industries, we plan to build
a new platform where players and viewers can share the joy of gaming.

Please look forward to our latest developments!

Representative Director and President
Kenichiro Hori


Company name Gzbrain Inc.
Address 1-13-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
President Kenichiro Hori
Founded Jul. 3, 2017
Capital 100 million yen
Management Representative Director and President: Kenichiro Hori
Director: Masayuki Aoyagi
Director: Tomomichi Akiyama
Director: Nobuo Kawakami
Director: Shinobu Murakawa
Audit and Supervisory Board Member: Yasuaki Takayama
Major Businesses Publishing, Digital publishing, Live video content distribution, Internet-based content and service for PCs and cell phones, including smartphones, Event planning, Game marketing, Esports management, etc.
As of Apr. 1, 2019
Origin of Gzbrain